Rich Wilhelm

I Dream of Hall + Oates

In Uncategorized on April 19, 2016 at 12:39 pm

I had a dream about Daryl Hall and John Oates last night.

I was at a Daryl Hall solo concert. I think it was either in a large barn or a high school auditorium and I think it was a benefit show.

Even though it was a Hall solo show, John Oates was in the audience, sitting near me. This surprised me since it seems that even though Hall and Oates are the biggest selling duo of all time, they draw a very clear line between themselves when it comes to solo work.

I was hoping to get Hall and Oates to sign some of their albums and I think I handed some off to Daryl to sign. I guess this was during a break in his performance. I also handed one to John Oates, though when I saw what I handed him, I immediately realized that it was a Daryl Hall solo album, not a Hall and Oates album. [Note: what I saw in the dream was the stark cover of a David Byrne album called “Music from the Knee Plays” but it was my dream understanding that it was a Hall solo album.]

I was immediately aware that I had committed the faux pas of giving John Oates a Daryl Hall solo album to autograph. I started scrambling through my records and found a copy of the Hall and Oates album, Along the Red Ledge. I reached over to hand it to Oates, but he had already signed the Daryl Hall album and was handing it back to me with an enigmatic smile on his face.

I was crestfallen at the thought that I had possibly offended John Oates. I glanced at the signed Hall album, to see if I could find any clues to Oates’ reaction in his inscription to me. To my ever-building chagrin, Oates had written a note in a different language, possibly Esperanto, and I couldn’t read it. I had no way of knowing whether I had burned my bridge to John Oates. And by the look of Oates’ smile, he wasn’t going to tell me.

Later, after I had woken up, I walked past Chris’ room and heard “Kiss on My List” on the radio — it was the first music I heard after waking up from the dream. This made me want to listen to Hall and Oates on the way to work but, despite having a metric ton of Daryl and John’s records on vinyl, I’ve got nothing on CD.

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