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The Wednesday Seven 4/16/14

In Wednesday Seven on April 17, 2014 at 2:01 am

The idea of a weekly column very much appeals to me. I’ve done it before–when I was writing for my college newspaper, and when I first started The Dichotomy of the Dog as a blog, just before people started using the word “blog” with some frequency.

I’ve maintained a blogging presence since 2000 and over the years my reasons for need this have changed. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find a reason to continue blogging. Maybe returning to a weekly column might help. I’ll give it a try tonight and see what happens next Wednesday night.

Because I’ve got a number of different things going on, I’m going to use this entry as a clearinghouse for my upcoming activities. I think this will be helpful, at least to me.

So, here’s what I’ve got going on:

1) Reading at the Library. I’ll be reading at the Phoenixville Public Library this Monday evening. But I won’t be reading just anything. I’ll be reading a piece of my own writing, out loud, to an audience for the first Writer’s Open Mic Night to be happening at library. I’m not sure how many local writers will be reading, but I’m looking forward to hearing their work and sharing my own. Doing this might help me to get a little bit more serious with my current and past writing, and what I want to do with it. I’m more than likely going to be reading a memory piece of mine called “Rosary Beads and Lemonheads.”

2) A Whole Lot of LuLu. Lulu, a vintage clothing store here in Phoenixville, is having a vintage flea market on Saturday, April 26 and I’m going to be selling the notebooks I make from record album covers, VHS boxes, cassette tape inserts and cassingle sleeves. Of course, I’ve done most of my notebook selling through my Etsy site, but it would be nice to have my act sufficiently together to do the occasional craft show or flea market.

3) Relay for Life. I will be participating in my 11th (!) Phoenixville Relay for Life on May 3-4. This Relay will be the tenth for our family’s team, Savage Walkers. I attended our latest meeting last night and everything seems to be falling into place for the Relay, thanks to an incredibly dedicated committee. I am honored to have the chance to work with these people. If you’d like to support my Relay efforts, you can go here: .

4) Records, Records, Records. This Saturday, 4/19, is Record Store Day and this year I’ve got a local record store, Deep Groove, to visit. I don’t usually pay much attention to all the special RSD releases, but still like hitting a story on the day. This year, there is a very attractive item I wouldn’t mind picking up: a four-record set containing both of show’s R.E.M. played for the MTV Unplugged show, one in 1991 and one in 2001. Record Store Day has inspired me to begin a record cataloging/weeding project of mine own. For about a week I’ve been plowing alphabetically through my collection, assigning every record a number and weeding out things I don’t need anymore. More on the listening and weeding and whatnot another time.

5) Philomath is Where I/We Go. Speaking of R.E.M., I had the idea a few years ago of compiling a collection of the writing I’ve done about R.E.M. into a book. I still like the idea, but I’m thinking instead what I’d like to do is collect a bunch of essays and stories from other fans and make a book out of that. Not a whole lot to say about that at the moment, other than if you happen to be reading this and if you happen to be an R.E.M. fan, maybe you’d like to contribute to the book? Let me know.

6) Other Book Ideas. While I’ve become intrigued with the idea of self-publishing a book, it’s not something I’ve taken much initiative to do. However, lately I’ve had a couple different ideas about ways to bring bits and pieces of my collected writing together and I feel like one of these days, I’m just going to have to buckle down and do something about it.

7) Comprehensive Overall Plan to Straighten Up My Life. I kid. Or maybe I don’t. I think the purpose of all of the above-along with some other things I’m working on or trying to work or need to work on but won’t be writing about here-is to make some fundamental changes in my life. I don’t mean to be cryptic, but maybe someday I’ll elaborate.

That’s my Wednesday Seven for the week of April 16, 2014. Tune in next week and maybe I’ll show up again!

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