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Frank Black Friday: A Brief Explanation, with Further Notes to Follow

In Black Friday, Christmas shopping, Frank Black Friday, holiday shopping on November 11, 2013 at 7:12 am

It’s early November, which means that the Christmas shopping season is emerging as a topic of conversation. Specifically, many people seem to be talking about how some giant retail chains plan on being open for part of, or all of, Thanksgiving Day. Those that aren’t will most likely open sometime very early on what is commonly known as Black Friday, a day that supposedly gets its name from the notion that it is the day that merchants go “in the black” for the year. I don’t know that there is any real evidence of this, however.

A few years ago, either my wife Donna or I made a silly pun: I told Donna, or maybe she told me, that Black Friday should really be called Frank Black Friday to celebrate the singer/guitarist who was/is part of the legendary band Pixies, and who has had a wide-ranging solo career. While Black has been responsible for many noisy guitarfest songs, he also has a fine way with a quirky pop ditty, as evidenced in the video for his song, “Headache,” which you can view and listen to in this entry.

I liked the idea of Frank Black Friday so, to whatever extent can, I try to spend the day after Thanksgiving forgoing the shopping madness in order to better indulge my love for Frank Black and his many wondrous songs, with the Pixies and on his own. It’s my little way of steering clear of the Christmas Industrial Complex (CIC) and I enjoy it.

With all of the complaints I’ve been hearing about the rush to shop on Thanksgiving and the day after, it’s occurred to me to spread the word about the alternative that Frank Black Friday provides. And you don’t even have to be a fan of Frank Black’s. All you need to do is pick your favorite quirky hobby/interest/love/passion/etc. and devote Frank Black Friday to that, instead of joining the hordes at the mall.

Essentially Frank Black Friday is all about doing what you love instead of shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. But maybe shopping is that thing you love? That could be fine–it’s all about your approach. Do you have fun when you go out shopping? Do you find a certain quirky delight in getting out there with all the turkey-stuffed consumers on the day after Thanksgiving? In that event, then shopping might indeed be the way for you to spend your Frank Black Friday, and I won’t judge you for that. Have fun.

However, if you are so driven to get that cheap DVD player or laptop that your lust for said object strips you of your sense of humor, and maybe even your humanity? Wow, then shopping is totally NOT what you should be doing on Frank Black Friday. Get the hell away from the malls with that kind of attitude, before you hurt somebody or yourself.

So essentially, your attitude going into the shopping experience determines whether you are experiencing the joys of Frank Black Friday by shopping on that day or not.

One rule is ironclad: DO NOT SHOP ON THANKSGIVING DAY. Doing so will disqualify you from enjoying the many benefits of Frank Black Friday.

This is just a brief explanation of the wonders of Frank Black Friday. Hopefully, I will provide more notes and instruction on how to make the best of FBF durng the coming weeks as we approach the big day. Stay tuned!

  1. Frank Black should be the “Ambassador” of Black Friday if you ask me.

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